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28 June 2011 @ 09:54 am
The Lesser King - Part 2  

Part 2 - The Plot Thickens

by SubOrbital

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, Explicit Sex, Het [lol that's a warning since I usually write slash]
Pairings: Peter/Lucy
Synopsis:  After a long campaign away from Narnia, Edmund returns to find things have changed greatly in his absence.
A/N:  Given how long it's been since I posted anything, I wanted to start back with something 'easy', before I got back into one of my more robust ficcar series.  It's been so long I'm having trouble remembering how to do this! lol



Edmund sat at the royal dining table, waiting for Lucy and Peter to join him for breakfast.  His sleep had been difficult.  He’d expected to find his return to Narnia quite relaxing and relieving, and yet he couldn’t help the nagging sensation that overwhelmed him since his return.

His encounter the previous night with two members of the High Guard had lingered with him.  While they’d led him to believe that his chamber move was something to be pleased with, Edmund couldn’t help the seed of doubt in his mind.  It had always been his job as spymaster to see the darker side of things.  In the nature of the two High Guard he encountered the night previously, Edmund sensed a deception.  Something untoward.

This seed of doubt in Edmund’s mind had only grown when he continued to ponder over the rumours of Susan’s disappearance.  He could not for the life of him ever believe Peter would commit harm upon his own pair.  Peter and Susan were mother and father of Narnia.  Edmund could not believe a rumour that she would be abducted under cover of night by Peter’s own High Guard.  Why did such rumours even exist to begin with?  Most importantly, where was Susan?

 “Oh, Ed, there you are!”  Lucy gasped, bounding into the dining hall, wrapping her arms around Edmund’s head, hugging him as he sat

He raised one hand to rub the small of her back, smiling into her chest.  He couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy whenever he was near Lucy.  She was so unassuming.  So very precious.  She was his pair.

“I slept not at all, Lu, fearing you and Peter were trying to avoid me.”  Edmund chuckled as Lucy sat down next to him, her breakfast being served to her.

Lucy blushed slightly, eyes on her plate of freshly made porridge.  She looked at Edmund, a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.  There was something in her face that made Edmund tilt his head curiously.  As if she was saddened by something, or perhaps even hiding something.

“Oh, Lu, I have been away so long and fear I have missed something that is dreadfully important.  Why won’t you or Peter talk to me?”  Edmund asked, distressed.

Lucy looked like she was about to answer before she covered her mouth, colour draining from her face.  She jumped to her feet, about to throw up, before she rushed out of the room.

Edmund stared in disbelief, concern in his eyes.  He stood to his feet, rushing after her.  Peter stepped in Edmund’s way, stopping him.

“Peter, something is wrong with Lucy!”  Edmund protested, “I must see to her.”

“Nonsense, Ed.  You need to eat.  I’ll tend to it.  Enjoy your breakfast.”  Peter smiled, rubbing Edmund’s arm, before he turned and rushed away.

Edmund frowned, feeling completely out of place.  He was growing increasingly frustrated with the way everyone was treating him.  Lucy was sick and Peter had stopped him from tending to her.  Lucy was his pair, and despite being away from Narnia for so long, Edmund still felt it was his duty to tend to her before Peter.



“Mr. Beaver, I am growing increasingly wary of … the situation here at home.”  Edmund said as he stood in the Hall of Justice.

He’d been perusing the many records covering the period of time that he had been absent.  Criminal cases, legal proceedings, tactical engagements, and more.  It was enough to occupy Edmund’s time for the foreseeable future, but he prided himself on his breadth of knowledge, particularly on Narnia’s state of affairs, past or otherwise.  Yet his mind continued to wander to his sister, Susan.  To the mysterious nature of her absence.

“What have you found, Sire?”  Mr. Beaver asked, “Something of interest?”

“No, I … I’m talking about High King Peter and Queen Lucy.  I still don’t understand why Queen Susan is not here, or where she is.  I do not know why she left.  No one will speak of her to me.  I do not like not knowing things, Mr. Beaver, particularly when it comes to my family.  And then there is Peter and Lucy, who barely spend moments in my presence before rushing off.  It’s like they have some terrible secret they are keeping from me and fear I will discover it if we speak for any length of time.  I must force the issue with my siblings lest I go mad with wonder.”

“Sire, I have the reports you asked for.”  Mr. Tumnus said as he entered the hall, a bundle of scrolls in his hands.

“Thank you, Mr. Tumnus.”  Edmund said, taking the scrolls and setting them out across a table.

Edmund studied one of the scrolls for a moment, raising his hand to stop Mr. Tumnus before he could leave the hall.  He tapped his lip curiously, his eyes on the faun standing before him.  Something was amiss in Cair Paravel and it was time to press the issue.

“Mr. Tumnus.  These reports show our trade to Archenland is down almost one third from the trade figures of two years ago.”  Edmund said with a frown, “This is just one of many anomalies I have discovered since my return.  Decreasing trade with our greatest foreign ally, increasing unrest in the south.”

“The south is Queen Susan’s domain, my lord.”  Tumnus said with a slight bow, “If you will excuse me, High King Peter requires my immediate presence.”

“Mr. Tumnus, I have not given you leave.  There is something that you are not telling me.  Something all of you are not telling me.”

“I am not at liberty to discuss such issues, Sire.  Forgive me.”

“Not at liberty to discuss what issues?”  Edmund asked, growing increasingly irritated with what seemed to be constant stonewalling, “Mr. Tumnus, where is my elder sister, the Gentle Queen?  Why are their rumours circulating that High King Peter’s own High Guard abducted her and her most loyal?  Why are you and the other monarchs here continually avoiding me and what are all of you hiding!?”

“Sire … it would be improper of me to discuss … personal matters of one’s family, particularly Narnia’s monarchs.  Please forgive me.  It is not a matter of state that I have right to speak of.  It is a private matter that does not concern me.”

“Then perhaps it is finally time I asked someone it does concern.”  Edmund snapped, storming out of the hall.

It was time to confront Peter.  Time to find out where Susan was and what had happened to her.  Time to find out what secret Peter was hiding from him.



“Peter, I demand to know where Susan is and why she is not here.”  Edmund said, intent in his voice.

He stood across from Peter, as the High King sat at his desk.  Peter had been taken quite by surprise at Edmund’s entrance.  That much was obvious.

“Ed, are you alright?”

“Come on, Peter.  Don’t patronize me.”  Edmund insisted, “You and Lucy have been avoiding me since I returned.  And now I hear rumours that you had our own sister abducted by your High Guard, never to be heard from again?  Now I have had enough of it.  I demand to know what’s going on.  Where is she!?”

“How dare you enter my chambers making such accusations!”  Peter roared, standing to his feet.

“I demand to know where my sister is!”

“You are in no position to demand anything from the High King, Edmund.”  Peter said calming somewhat, “Do not forget who you are speaking to.”

“I am speaking to my brother.  In my absence has that distinction changed?  If so, please inform me.”  Edmund said, stinging a little from Peter’s words.

“Ed.”  Peter sighed, relenting somewhat, “Please.  You are right.  There are matters we must discuss, but I ask you now … as a brother, to let the matter lie for now.  There are things I must tend to before I … before I can fully avail you of our state of affairs.  I knew I would not have the ideal amount of time that I had hoped for.  You are far too curious and inquisitive and astute to let things pass you by.”

“How long, Peter?  How long till I find out what has happened to my family in my absence?  It has become increasingly apparent to me as I peruse our records that whatever has happened between you three has impacted on our relations, our trade, and no doubt much more.”  Edmund sat down finally, frowning, “Peter, what is going on?”

“When you return, I will explain it all to you, Ed.  I promise.”

“Return?”  Edmund asked, confused.

“I’m sending you to Archenland to act as a treaty negotiator with King Lune.  As you are now fully aware, this is a matter that requires immediate attention.”

“I just got home, Peter!”  Edmund protested, “And you’re sending me away already?  Do you simply no longer wish me in your presence?”

“Ed, please, that’s not it at all.  This would normally be an issue that Susan would tend to, but as you have so keenly observed, she is not here.  I promise you, the answers you seek will be plainly obvious upon your return.  Your work in the Eastern Seas was beyond description, and having acted so ably in securing our presence and trade routes there, I know you can handle the task of talks with Archenland.”

“Very well.”  Edmund said, standing to his feet, “As you wish, Sire.”

“Ed … please don’t be mad.”  Peter said as he stood up and moved around his desk so he could rub Edmund’s arms, “I am sorry.”

“If this is so important, Peter, why do you not go yourself?”

“I cannot leave Cair Paravel.  I would be gone too long and there are other matters I must tend to here at home.  As I said, when you return home, all will be revealed.  I promise.  Now, tonight the three of us will have dinner together.  Lucy misses you.”

“And I her, but she, like you, will barely remain in my presence for but a few moments.”  Edmund said, stepping away from Peter, “But I suppose the reason for that will be revealed upon my return as well.  But you must answer me this, for these rumours do cause me great concern, especially when coupled with your aloofness.  Where is Susan?  Please just tell me the rumours of you having your High Guard abduct her are false.”



“We have to tell Edmund.”  Lucy cried, head in her hands as she stood on her balcony.

Peter stood behind her, and it was obvious to Edmund that both were upset.  He felt guilty for watching them like this, but he had his suspicions that this would be the only way he would learn anything.

“I know, Lu.  I know.”  Peter said softly, reaching forward to rub her back, “I want to.  But now is not the time.  We need him to do what Susan cannot.”

“What she will not.”  Lucy gasped, wrought with emotion, “I have lost my dearest sister over this, Peter.  Must I lose my pair as well?”

Over what?  This was the question Edmund asked of himself.  His curiousity was more piqued than ever now.  Something had clearly happened to Susan, but at least Edmund’s deepest fears that she was dead seemed unwarranted.  Lucy’s use of the term ‘will not’ made it obvious she was still somewhere, just not here.  What Edmund wondered most, was why?

“You will not lose him, Lu.”  Peter said as he wrapped his arms around Lucy from behind, “Please.  No more crying.  You have cried every night since Ed returned.”

“For the shame, Peter.  For the shame.  The shame of lying, the shame of hiding.”

“And that is why I am sending him away.  His presence here would only put more strain on you, and right now, I cannot risk that.  We cannot risk that.  I will not jeopardize our future.”

“But you would jeopardize our family?”  Lucy asked, staring up at the stars, “You would jeopardize our home?”

“Please.  No more.  Not tonight.  My guilt is great enough already.”  Peter sighed, leaning his head against the back of hers, “I did not come here for this.”

“You shouldn’t be here, Peter.”  Lucy whispered.

“You’ve said that every night since he came back, and yet here is where I remain.  Though all logic instructs me to be elsewhere, I cannot bring myself to go.  He is your pair … but I am your heart …”

Edmund froze.  Something inside him seemed to concede defeat.  Defeat to the growing sickening sensation in his stomach that something very unexpected was going on here.  A fact made apparent by Peter’s words, his tone to Lucy, but most obviously by the fact that his lips were now on her neck.  Even more than that, by the fact she tilted her head to allow it.

Edmund thought he would throw up, and yet he could not bring himself to turn away.  His hands moved over her stomach and up over her breasts.  He massaged them in his hands and Lucy moaned, she actually moaned.  How could this be happening?  What in Aslan’s mane possessed them to … to allow this to happen?

“Peter we can’t.”  Lucy moaned, melting back into his embrace, “Wait until he’s gone at least.  Or until we tell him.  I …”

“I cannot wait, Lu.”

Indeed, he could not.  In moments she was in his arms, being carried toward a bed that Edmund now believed they shared quite frequently.  Between fervent kisses and wandering fingers, he could see a familiarity that made it obvious they had been lovers for a great while.  With the natural way in which Peter slid Lucy’s dress off and traced his fingertips over the mounds of her breasts, Edmund knew they were not strangers to each other.

In moments Peter’s clothing lay in a heap on the floor, and he kissed his way up Lucy’s bare back.  A slight twinge of jealousy overcame Edmund as he bore witness to Peter’s rather large appendage between his legs.  Clearly that part of their family traits did not pass on to Edmund, making him feel rather inadequate.

He felt an ache in his heart as he continued to watch.  A pain that brought tears to his eyes.  He felt a conflict in his heart over what he was bearing witness to.  Peter was kissing Lucy, their mouths agape and tongues mingling.  His fingers moved up her bare thigh and touched the most secret part of her.  Yet as shocking as all of this was, it proved nothing to the shock that Edmund felt when he truly took notice of Lucy’s slightly rounded tummy.

“She’s pregnant.”  Edmund gasped to himself in a whisper.

Her morning sickness and Peter’s hurry to tend to it in Edmund’s place.  She was pregnant to her own brother!  Pregnant to the High King of Narnia! 

When Edmund finally regained himself, Lucy was on her knees with Peter standing.  Her lips were wrapped around his length, a good half of it in her mouth.  Edmund was anxious to leave, but he could not without exposing himself to them.  All he could do was watch.  Watch as Lucy worshipped Peter in a way that Edmund thought was completely disgusting.  The Valiant Queen, on her knees, sucking the cock of her very own brother, Peter the Magnificent.  Not only that, but she seemed to revel in it.  Revel in a way that was laced with intimacy and adoration, not simply lust or carnal desire.

When Peter returned the favour to Lucy, she on her back, arching up into his skilled tongue, Edmund noted the same amount of attention and care that she had shown Peter.  It all started to paint a picture that Edmund didn’t want to see.  They were in love.

This was even more apparent the moment that Peter’s slick phallus slid into the lips of Lucy’s womanhood.  The movement was gentle, and their eyes were locked onto each other, fingers interlaced.  Edmund could read the words ‘I love you’ being whispered by Peter to Lucy as her nethers sucked the fleshy rod that stuck out from him.  She moved in time with him, sliding her bare foot up the back of his calf.

Edmund was crying by the time they’d changed positions, so Lucy was on all fours, Peter’s sweaty chest pressed against her back as he moved inside her.  The bulbous head of his magnificent cock emerged from her, slick with her juices, and part of Edmund wondered if he should bust out of his hiding place and stop this before something else happened.  But then he realized that she was already pregnant, and stopping this would reap nothing except an extremely unpleasant situation for all. 

So instead he watched as that same bulbous cock head slid back into his sister’s depths, causing both to groan loudly.  Repeatedly it emerged, then slid back in, over and over, faster and faster, harder and deeper.  Lucy was on her back again, her toes in Peter’s mouth as her knee pressed into her chest.  He wrapped her legs around his waist and started the final drive home.  His hands gripped her breasts, his eyes locked onto hers, and hers onto his.  Edmund knew the end was near, and after a sexual session that drove Edmund himself to stirrings of shame, the end came.  In Peter’s case, the end came with an arched back and a cry, triggered by Lucy’s.  Their groins slammed into each other, seemingly joined and impossible to see where one stopped and another began.

It had been a powerful moment for them, and an equally powerful moment for Edmund.  Though for both sides it was powerful for different reasons.  For Peter and Lucy, another shared moment of love and intimacy, capped by some tears, sweet words, and gentle kisses.  For Edmund, it was mostly tears, silent and devoid of a voice.  He stared at his brother and sister from the privacy of his hiding place in the closet, and something in his heart broke.

Peter and Lucy were in love.  They lay spooned on her bed, Peter’s arms locked protectively around her, even in slumber.  Their sexual escapade had worn them out and now they slept, unaware that they were still being watched by the Just King.

For a moment, Edmund’s hand rested on the hilt of his dagger, and he contemplated slipping out the closet, slicing Peter’s throat for defiling their sister, and locking her in a dungeon for being a more than willing participant.

So many questions filled his mind.  How did something like this ever begin?  How could Peter allow it?  How could he do it?

Clearly Susan’s departure from Cair Paravel had something to do with Peter and Lucy’s relationship.  No doubt she knew and did not approve.  But why had she not warned him?  Why did she not send him word?  Had Peter done something to ensure her silence?  Had he hurt Susan to keep Lucy!?

Edmund knew his mind was getting away from him and he had to calm himself lest he do something rash.  Right now he wanted to do something rash.  He wanted to burst out of the closet and lay shame upon them both.  But he did not.

Instead, he slipped out of the closet and stood at the foot of Peter and Lucy’s bed, watching them in the moonlight.  Just staring at them made him want to cry again.  Somehow the bond between them had been betrayed.  Betrayed and broken.  Nothing would ever be the same between any of them again.  Nothing would.


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