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narnia_wham's Journal

Welcome to the commonwealth...
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This is our little corner of Narnia fandom to post works we are too AFEARED to post anywhere else because they are too smutty, too SCHMEXY, too fluffy, too angsty, or just too f'n dorky! We are Sub and the Bear, the Banana and Custard...

We have honey...and sandwiches...you know you wanna join...♥
bad boys, bananas, being not afeared, careless whisper, chocolate, cucumbers, custard, dancing, do it with me, dorkiness, dragon slaying, edmund, i'm your man, narnia, nc-17, paint throwing, peter, peter doing edmund, peter/edmund, skandar, skandar on top maybe?, smut, wham!, wham-bam!, will, will doing skandar, will/skandar